Stuff I Like: Captain Marvel

9 06 2019

Latest in an ongoing series of trying to cheer this blog up just a tad, and also in a series of woefully timed movie reviews

Yes, we finally saw Captain Marvel (not Endgame yet, it’s tough when you’ve got a little one, but hopefully soon).

I feel like this is the superhero movie I’ve always been waiting for. This is Powers with a capital P; flying, glowing, hurling bolts of energy, kinetic and colorful and fantastic. In general, a very large chunk of on-screen superpower action boils down to elaborate martial arts.  I enjoy that stuff too, but I’ve been starving for some serious energy projector action and cosmic eye candy. Sure, we’ve seen Thor and Doctor Strange and Ant Man do otherworldly stuff, but their movies had story issues that bugged me. Plus, all the other heroes have at least one gadget (except the Hulk, and I love the Hulk, but we’re largely back to hand-to-hand pummeling here). Which again is great and all, but to me, inherent powers are the real juice in the superhero fantasy.

As gratifying as the powered action is, the movie only soars because Carol/Vers/Captain Marvel is a person, a distinct, fleshed-out character, flawed and admirable and funny and sad and awesome. I’m so happy she’s a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe now. It’s funny that the only character named Marvel has never been a household name like Spider-Man or Captain America. Still, Carol Danvers makes a great standard bearer for the whole enterprise.

I can’t wait to see her interact with the other characters. As I’m sure most of you already have. Someday, Endgame, someday…




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