24 11 2018

Thanos’ plan makes no sense. The infinity stones give him godlike power. If he really believes there are too many life forms in the universe, then instead of killing off half of all life, he could make the universe twice as big. Or he could double the amount of resources — maybe create a double of every planet, but with no people, just more space and minerals and water and what-not. There are any number of alternate solutions to the problem he imagines, given access to godlike power.

I don’t say this as a criticism of Infinity War. Thanos is insane. His plan proves it.

I would have liked to see someone (Gamora, maybe) argue with him about his plan, and propose some more benevolent course of action. I don’t fault the movie for not doing this. Anyone who knows Thanos would know there’s no talking him down. But such a scene could be instructive in dealing with fascists. Because fascism is insane the way Thanos is insane.

It’s pointless to argue with fascists. They may present their beliefs as based on reason, but when confronted with actual facts their arguments fall apart. So a fascist won’t argue logically. He (it’s most likely a he) will instead deflect, deny, distract, go on tangents, make ad hominem attacks, and generally do everything except deal with the real-life implications of fascism. Unless he is talking to other fascists, in which case the violence and cruelty are precisely the point.

I believe some fascists can be brought back down to Earth. The best way I can imagine to do it is to be different, and be their friend. Fascism is an emotional belief. It can only be dispelled with firsthand emotional knowledge that comes from diverse personal relationships. If there’s someone in your life like that, please stay strong and stay connected.

Fascists in positions of power are more like Thanos. Nothing but resistance will do.




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