Want some art?

19 06 2018

This is the kind of thing I will draw for you, subject to your request. We’ll talk.

Hi readers. Would you like a drawing? I will draw you something. And send it to you. Make a pledge to my Patreon at any level before July 1st, and you get art. Boom!

What’s a Patreon, you may ask? Is that like a Patronus? Kind of, if Dementors are all the things getting in the way of independent artists practicing their crafts.

Patreon is a way to directly support artists like me by making a monthly contribution in the amount of your choice. In return, you get access to patron-exclusive content and other goodies. (Please click here for the full list of rewards.)

It’s also a community building device. I’ve been supporting several artists on Patreon for some time, and thanks to their insider posts and messages, I’ve gotten to know them and their work much better. I plan to use Patreon to foster a close relationship with my audience, as well as to generate the resources to crank out comics faster and better. There will be tangible merchy rewards as well– notably the aforementioned, limited time offer. Sign up now, at any level, and get an original drawing! Black and white, 7.5×8″, 1-2 characters, either according to your request or my questionable judgement. Once you’re a Patron, we can exchange messages and hash it out.


A page from Æthernaut, my primary comic project

To my readers who have already pledged; Thank you!! I am humbled and honored by your support. If pledging is not for you, a tweet or a Facebook share of the link is also super helpful! If you just wanna read my blogs and comics and not be bothered, well, thank you as well! Making comics is something I have to do, and having people read them makes it worthwhile. So please know I appreciate all of you.

Thank you!





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