The Punisher

13 12 2017

I’ve read comics my whole life, and never been a fan of the Punisher. I prefer my superheroes with masks and powers and a noble aversion to murder. The Punisher’s arsenals of plain old guns never interested me, and by the time he came along his brand of gritty vigilante justice had already been done to death.

But The Punisher on Netflix is incredible. Taken purely on the merits of storytelling, thematic ambition, and visual styling, The Punisher is the most successful film or video comic adaptation to date. It is the Watchmen of superhero movies and series, far more so than Zach Snyder’s Watchmen movie could hope to be.

Sean T. Collins, my favorite critic of these things, has this to say: “There’s not a single live-action superhero adaptation I can think of that comes anywhere near that level of self-critique, or has anything approaching its courage to question the very wish-fulfillment elements its audience has come to see.” Click for the full recap.

My one reservation as I watched the series – and it’s a pointless quibble – was, “this is not a superhero story.” And even that reservation went away in episode 11. I have more to say about that, but I’ll save it for another post.






One response

13 12 2017
Bizarre Brunette

I completely agree with your review, I loved the Punisher.

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