Stuff I Like: The Fixx

25 10 2017

An ongoing effort to say positive things about things

I’m always mildly surprised to find another fan of The Fixx. I know I shouldn’t be. They are a successful band from a time when success meant a certain amount of crossover appeal. But they occupy such an awkward space; too weird for the mainstream, not weird enough for the underground. I always assume everyone else will find something to dislike about them, which is all kinds of unfair to everyone, especially The Fixx.

I discovered The Fixx when I was 11 or 12, and just beginning to notice current music and how I might relate to it. The infant MTV was not part of our rudimentary cable package, but for some reason WTBS out of Atlanta was, and they showed music videos on a program call Night Trax. One night the voice-only VJ introduced the video for Saved By Zero (from their second album, Reach the Beach) with the words “a strange band called The Fixx.” At that point the video and the song hardly mattered– I knew these were my guys.

Since then they’ve recorded 8 more studio albums, most recently Beautiful Friction in 2012. I just bought it last year. It is everything you could want from an 80s band in the 2010s. It sounds quintessentially Fixx, with subtle veins of electronic oddness, yet it’s up-to-date, relevant, mature and accessible. I recommend it to everyone; mainstream or underground, 80s kid or not.




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