Open Letter to Steve Bannon

3 02 2017

Dear Steve Bannon,

What do you think will happen after you smash the state?

Where do you think your water and electricity will come from? Or food for that matter? What’s going to happen if you suddenly need heart surgery?

Seriously, what is the end game here? Do you imagine you can spend the rest of your days safely behind the Secret Service when all other institutions are demolished? Or do you plan to found and live in your own fortified Woodbury? Are you so awash in failures that a wild west fantasy is preferable to reality?

Is this really about some anarcho-free-market utopia? Because setting aside the question of how that would work, I find it very hard to believe you give a shit about society at large.

Do you plan to one day go back to the private sector, doing speaking tours? How is that going to work if you’ve dismantled the private sector?

Do you actually want to revive all that “master race” nonsense, or is that just your vehicle to power? In either case, how do you honestly see that playing out? Because I don’t see many of us putting up with it.

What government overreach hurt you so badly that it’s worth sending soldiers to kill and die in China?

Do you think you can make the National Guard round up all the women who wouldn’t date you and turn them into your sex slaves? Is that the goal you would sacrifice America for?

How do you see this ending? I would really like to know.





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