Walking Dead, You’re Dead To Me

25 10 2016

Well I said I would tune in for season 7, despite how the season 6 finale left me feeling bullied and scammed. Thankfully, however, I read this recap of the season 7 premiere, saving me the worthless agony of sitting through it. I see no reason to believe the rest of season 7 will improve things. Clearly the show is just cheap shock torture porn now. I find such stuff repulsive. I will have nothing to do with it.

It’s too bad the show became terrible before it became over. Became a shambling lifeless shell of it’s former self even, if I may belabor a metaphor. Actually the show is less a directionless zombie, and more the cynical sociopath that ruins Rick and co.’s lives every 6 episodes or so. OK for you The Walking Dead, but I’ve got no time for the Neegans of this or any other world.




One response

31 10 2016
Bizarre Brunette

I never really watched the Walking Dead all that much, but I definitely agree with this statement.

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