Trump’s Intentions Don’t Matter

10 08 2016

So now Trump has said only “second amendment people” can do anything about Hillary Clinton. His camp says he was merely referring to their power as a motivated voting block. I certainly don’t buy that. Neither do I think he was actively calling for an assassination. I think the phrase just came into his head, and he thought it would be fun to say to a crowd. Trump doesn’t have intentions like a fully conscious human being; he’s just a guy with no filter who craves attention.

Ultimately though, Trump’s intentions, or lack thereof, don’t matter. The effects of his words matter. In a population as large as ours, in our current political climate, it is a statistical certainty that some unstable people will hear his words and take it upon themselves to gun down Clinton, and/or her supporters. 

Last November in Minneapolis, some hooligans shot into a crowd of Black Lives Matter protesters. They reportedly called out “Trump 2016.” This was back when Trump was battling more than a dozen candidates for the nomination, before the press thought he would still even be a candidate in January. Now, despite all the prevarications of Ryan and McConnel, Trump and his antics have the tacit endorsement of half of our political landscape.

This is a campaign that was literally about penis size in its early days. The only thing surprising about Trump’s “second amendment people” comment is that it took this long to happen. This time his rhetorical vomit will lead to bloodshed. Count on it.




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