Arguing with Myself Vol. 25B-XXI

29 07 2016

Since the death of Philando Castile and the shooting of Charles Kinsey, all my posts seem petty and stupid. I’m outraged over gun violence because it’s turned formerly safe places into danger zones. But some people have no safe places. Freddie Gray, Michael Brown, Eric Garner and all the rest are tragic atrocities, but Castile and Kinsey finally made the reality clear for me. Those two did everything they could to defuse situations which shouldn’t have been tense in the first place, and they still got shot.

I have some good friends who are cops. I like and respect and admire them. I know their courage and integrity represent the majority of officers. I know they are up against some awful shit and deserve our support. But institutional racism is real. We have to do better.

Walking around without fear of getting shot is a privilege that everyone is entitled to.




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29 07 2016

I’m with you on this.

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