16 06 2016

My last post went to an unproductive place. That was not my intention. I could edit or take it down, but I’m going to leave it alone. The point was; gun advocates, please measure your language and your tactics. Imagine you are talking to mourners at a funeral, because essentially, you are. History lessons and snark are just repulsive and crazy-making and push the discussion toward an actual fight to take away your guns. No one wants that fight. Help us avoid it. Just be mindful.

All that stuff seems totally pointless as I type it, but I’m leaving it there too. I’m going to repeat the following from another previous post, because it’s still the best I have to offer:

“The problem… isn’t that criminals don’t follow laws, but rather that criminals aren’t dissuaded by weak laws. And gun laws in all but a few states are decidedly weak.”

The full article from The Trace is here.




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