An Open Letter to Members of the NRA

27 08 2015

Dear hunters, target shooters, and gun enthusiasts, I have no quarrel with you. While I don’t enjoy guns myself, I do like swords and knives. I don’t own a sword, but I would like to. So I can’t fault you for owning and enjoying guns. But I urge you to cancel your NRA membership immediately.

Some of you are my personal friends. Every gun owner I know takes great pride in knowing how to shoot, care for, and store a gun responsibly and safely. So why would you belong to an organization that promotes exactly the opposite values?

The NRA has become the voice and the engine of a powerful lobby that causes lawmakers to lose their jobs if they do anything to reign in our current policies of reckless abandon toward guns. The NRA continues to push for looser gun regulations, even when our country averages more than one mass shooting per day.

The NRA is effectively fighting to put guns in the hands of criminals, the mentally ill, and children. Why are they like this? Base, short-sighted greed is the only reason I can imagine. The paranoid fringe of gun culture is passionate, and passion is just the low-hanging fruit where business is concerned. While the NRA is composed of human beings, as an organization it is simply a machine that follows the money without conscience. The NRA will never respond to arguments about human lives. But maybe, if the sane and honorable gun owners were to stop paying membership fees, maybe the machine would get the message.

Ultimately my speculations don’t matter. What matters are the innocent people dying every day in murders that are 100% preventable. The NRA, as a powerful lobby with strong influence in our national and state legislatures, is directly culpable. Please cancel your membership today.




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