Comcast blows

24 06 2015

We dropped our cable TV. The savings will be negligible since we’re keeping our high speed internet. Comcast is the only game in town as far as that goes. We dumped the tv out frustration with their service. 

We’ve had to keep a close eye on our cable bill, because apparently Comcast policy is to gradually raise it and hope we don’t notice. We’ve had technical problems with our cable box, and had to fight through layers of bureaucracy to get to an ultimately simple solution. Then, for the last couple of weeks, our picture has been flickering every few seconds. The idea of wrestling with Comcast’s technical support seemed no better than developing type 2 epilepsy*, so we switched to internet only.

With an antenna and digital converter we get dozens of channels. Aside from the local stuff it’s mostly vintage movies and shows, but those are fine for a little mindless distraction, which is what we mostly used cable for. Netflix and Hulu stream plenty of stuff to watch, on the increasingly rare occasion we can actually pay attention for an hour or two. If we were sports fans it might be a different story. But we’re not. I don’t think we’ll miss cable at all.

Rumor has it than in a year or two, Century Link or the city of Minneapolis will offer high speed internet in our neighborhood. The second that happens we’ll ditch Comcast for good.

*I know there’s no such thing, just making a poor joke.




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