There Is No “We”

17 12 2014

The report is out: the CIA tortured prisoners (and lied about the nature, extent, and effectiveness of it.) One phrase I hear in a lot of outraged responses is “That’s not who we are.” But clearly it is who we are, because we did it.
Plenty of us are disgusted, ashamed, horrified, but there is also a segment of the population for whom torture is not a problem. How can we call ourselves one society with two viewpoints so wildly opposed? I’m starting to think we can’t.
This is the only way I can live with the torture report– to consider those in favor of torture as another country, a foreign subculture. I know it’s a cop-out to just say the divide can never be crossed. The enormity of the crime of torture demands (besides prosecution of all responsible) an effort to convince the other side that it’s wrong. Maybe I’m just tired, but honestly, does anyone see that working out?
The gridlock in congress is just a symptom. Gun rights, cop shootings, gay marriage, income tax, even women making video games; issues have become fault lines that no amount of argument or entreaty will entice people to cross. We are not a society, because we’re not interested in being one. We’re not interested in unity. We’re only interested in scoring points against the other side. I’m as guilty of it as anyone.
I don’t see any way out of it.
Well, okay, that’s not exactly true. I do believe that on many of these issues, the opposing viewpoint is a small minority that is disproportionately represented in the media and the government. If we had accurate representation, things would be different. But that’s a whole other topic.
I guess my point is, if we’re going to advocate for a national conversation about anything, we need to start from the premise that we really aren’t one people. We are a lot of seriously aggrieved subsets demanding satisfaction. We need to either be granted satisfaction, or convinced to give up on it.
How is that ever going to happen?
What it will take is leadership. Courageous, undaunted leadership in the face of deeply entrenched powers that profit from the status quo. That, or the caveman minority gives up on all their backwards bullshit. One seems about as likely as the other.




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