24 Hour Comics: Bunnirah 2

29 10 2013

ImageCurses! 24 Hour Comics Day is regularly observed at the Center for Book Arts here in Minneapolis….until the year I move here! Apparently the prime organizer of years past had too much other stuff going on, and no one else filled in. So, no group drawing session for me this time. I have met some Twin Cities cartoonists, and they are fine fellows, but I don’t know any of them well enough to invite them to my house to draw for 24 hours. I think they would find that as awkward as I would.

But! Going solo hasn’t stopped me before. So I planned to draw the sequel to my last one on October 19th. I do have some good friends I could invite over, but they don’t draw. So I invited them over for a Lord of the Rings marathon. Not quite 24 hours, but a goodly chunk of time (all the extended versions, naturally). I figured if I could get the first 12 pages penciled by the 1 pm movie start time, I could ink while the movies are playing and stay pretty much on schedule. Nick brought some miniatures to paint. Jeff had to leave to keep a dinner date but came back for Return of the King.

It didn’t quite go according to plan. I only had 8 pages penciled when we started the movies. After 20 hours of drawing, I had 16 or so pages penciled and 13 inked, and it was obvious I wouldn’t finish by hour 24. So I went to bed, slept for a few hours, and spent Sunday finishing up. In the end I finished after almost 40 hours. I was generally happy with the resulting comic, but that’s way too long to work on one of these things. Next time, I will strictly limit myself to 24 hours and let the story fall where it may.

I get the impression that Bunnirah is not a favorite among readers of my 24 hour comics, but I still find him and his cohorts tons of fun. Clearly I’m adhering to the advice for writers/artists I read somewhere, “follow your obsessions.” Maybe the writer’s obsessions should be tempered with something else…an editor perhaps. I might still create some posters or t-shirts or other merchandise with the gang of nuclear dickweeds, as Ted calls them.




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