Moving: Final Flurries

9 12 2012

It’s been almost a month since my last post. A month of ridiculous frenzied activity that I can barely reconstruct at this point.

Here’s one highlight. We had to repair a couple things as part of the deal to sell our house. One was replacing the Federal Pacific electrical panel. Apparently they are prone to explode, set the house on fire, and shoot deadly shrapnel across the garage. Ours was original to the house in 1979, and it’s never exploded, but we had no problem hiring an electrician to replace it. It’s a simple job, but it seemed to drag on for three weeks. First the electrician had to reschedule once or twice. Then the inspector came without warning while I was out walking the dog. The the panel failed the inspection failed because– I promise this is absolutely true– one of the screws should have been green. So the electrician came back and colored the screw with a green Sharpie, and we were up to code at last.

Then there was last week. Saturday we had an all-day farewell party at our house. Sunday we met the couple buying our house (they are cool), then went to the holiday party for our adoption agency. Monday we made the hour drive to Salem to visit my aunt, and then Marcie’s mom. When we got back home, we finished separating out all the clothes, books, and other gear we will need for the next 3-4 weeks before our stuff arrives at our new house. Tuesday morning, Marcie got on a plane to DC for a one day meeting. I spent that day making all the last minute preparations for the movers, which took me until midnight. Wednesday, the movers came to pack up everything we had not already packed, and inventory the whole house. On Thursday a different crew came to load up the truck. In between–that is, Wednesday night–Teagan got skunked. She went out the dog door around midnight, came in and woke me up by aggressively rubbing her face on the comforter. The bathtub was full of junk, the whole house was packed up, so I gave her a spit bath with a soapy towel on the bathroom floor. Luckily she didn’t get hit too bad. I think she must have rubbed against a bush or something that a skunk had sprayed, rather than taking a direct blast. Still. Eech.

Thursday, Marcie arrived back home while the movers were finishing up the loading. That night we set up our travelling air mattress in the bedroom, watched John Stewart on the laptop and ate take-out teriyaki. Friday we spent the day carting our remaining possessions two houses down, to the home of our excellent neighbors Barb & Matt who are putting us up for 10 days, and cleaning the house.

When it was all emptied out, we took a last walk through to make sure we hadn’t missed anything. We’d been too busy throughout this whole moving process to ever get sentimental about the house. At this point, it didn’t feel like our house at all anymore. With the new floors and new paint, it didn’t look like the house we bought. With all our stuff gone, it didn’t look like the house we lived in. That house had mysteriously vanished while we weren’t looking. Which was probably easiest.

We are now set up at Barb & Matt’s house and having some much needed down time. Our dog plays with their dog. Matt is terribly allergic to cats, so Fizzgig is confined to the guest room, which we have lined completely with painter’s drop cloths to catch the dander. We’ve got our own blankets on the bed, which the cat is happy to burrow underneath all day. Marcie is working from here and from the library, and we continue to meet up with various friends to say goodbye.

Aaaand, there’s a blizzard rolling across Minnesota.




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