Moving: The Cast

16 11 2012

here we are in October, practicing our car-riding and park-hanging-out while the house is being shown to buyers.

Bound for Minneapolis in December are:

Marcie and Neal; humans. Marcie has lived on the west coast all her life, and Neal has been in Oregon for the last 20 years. Can they drive over the Rockies in the middle of winter? And then adapt to subzero temperatures in Minnesota? Time will tell…

Teagan; dog. We learned a couple things a few years back, driving to Denver with Teagan. One, if the car drifts over the rumble strip, she panics. Two, if we try to stay in a hotel, she barks at all the mysterious noises outside the room. Not the best traveller, however we can only assume an airplane would terrify the bejeebus out of her. So, we drive.

Fizzgig; cat. Lazy and always pleased with himself. Fizzgig will bring some much-needed sangfroid to our little band. Earlier this year we lost his sister Morrigan to a hyperthyroid. About a month ago we learned Fizzgig has the same thing, and thought we might lose him too. But unlike his sister, he’s not allergic to the medicine. So, he comes along.




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