Moving: The Setup

11 11 2012

Marcie and I are moving to Minneapolis. It’s been suggested that I chronicle the trip here on the blog, and I am nothing if not suggestible. So first, some background.

We’ve lived in Portland for 11 years. Last year, the nonprofit Marcie works for began moving operations to Minneapolis. Before long it became clear that the company would leave Portland eventually, and we had to decide if we would move with it. We’ve put down a lot of roots in Portland and will be sad to leave our friends, but in the end we decided to take the plunge. 

We spent the last several months gearing up to move. There has been a ton of planning and traveling and juggling of various tasks. As of today, the situation is this; our house in Portland is sold, closing on Dec 7. We’ve bought a house in Minneapolis, which closes on Dec 21. In the interim we’ll be staying with our current neighbors. Movers are packing up our house on the 6th. On Dec 18, we will load up the dog and cat in the car and drive into the nice chilly mid-western winter.

Last week we sold the Mini Cooper. We were always going to sell it when the adoption came through, so decided not to try to move it across the country. Today we bought a used Subaru Outback, good for carrying us and our animals across snowbound mountain passes and camping out in if need be. We debated having our pickup shipped to Minneapolis, but have decided to sell it as well, and buy another used truck in a few months.

Oh yes, the adoption. We are still in the pool of waiting families, which is great. If we had to plan and execute this move while learning to be parents of an infant, somebody would have had an infarction. Once we move, our file will be put on hold for six weeks or so, until we can get a new home study done. That’s also great, it will give us a chance to get our bearings and recover a measure of sanity. Of course, it’s still possible we’ll get a phone call saying we’ve been chosen by a birth mother, who may or may not have already given birth. If that happens, it will probably be about Dec 19. But we are working under the assumption that it won’t.




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