John Carter

25 03 2012

I had a lot of fun at this movie. The pulpy action, the deep worldbuilding, the cool creatures and alien devices, the princess being not only a badass but also a brilliant scientist…lots of good stuff. I don’t plan to watch it a second time, because it surely won’t hold up. I have no problem accepting fantastical conceits like John Carter’s super strength in the low Martian gravity; that kind of suspension of disbeleif is one thing. Suspension of disbelief for plot points that make no sense is different. The romance between John and Deja seems to happen for no reason, and (spoilers) the wedding as a ruse to invade the city doesn’t appear to add anything to the invasion. If the story was just a little more solid, this could have been a classic. It’s not that, but it is a fun couple of hours.




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