We Are In The Pool

10 06 2011

As of yesterday, June 9, Marcie and I are in the pool of potential adoptive parents. Now our 1 page letter about ourselves will go out to birth mothers looking for an adoptive family, and be posted on the website…and we wait. The average wait time is about 14 months, but it could be anywhere from two weeks to two years. We have one more form/interview process to do, about transracial adoption, which we need to complete to adopt a non-white child but we can be in the pool without it.

Someone asked me how it feels, and honestly I don’t feel any different. To me the big shift happened back when we decided to go through with this. Being in the pool is just one more step. Plus I’m highly skilled at ignoring powerful emotions. (Don’t put that in the home study!*)

*This is the joke that now applies to everything.




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