Dead Bin Laden

6 05 2011

Bin Laden is dead. I’m happy for everyone who felt moved to dance and cheer in the street. Personally, I don’t feel much of anything. Part of it I guess is that now that he’s dead, he’s no longer a threat, no longer offensive in his posing with guns and microphones, and I can’t muster the hate anymore.
But more than that, as I think we all know, this whole thing is bigger than one man. Someone else will surely rise to fill his role in Al Qaeda. Which honestly I’m not too worried about, as Al Qaeda has been pretty well defanged for several years. The bigger problem is what we’ve done to ourselves. When the Patriot Act is repealed, and our troops are out of Iraq and Afghanistan, and we have reasonable security procedures at airports, then I’ll be dancing in the streets.




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