Traffic Light: Pure Evil

9 02 2011

I watched the first half of Fox’s new sitcom Traffic Light, and that was plenty.

At last, a TV sitcom that plays to tired gender stereotypes. Oh wait, that’s every sitcom from last century, and far too many from this century. Is this really what we need more of? But wait, there’s a twist! This time, the dudes complain about their ladies and scheme for more dude time and less family time on the phone, from their cars.

So, let’s recap. Played out battle-of-the-sexes tripe: check. Reinforcement of gas-guzzling, climate-frying car culture: check. Glorification of in-car cell phone use, a bigger cause of accidents than drunk driving: check. If only the dudes all carried concealed weapons, then we’d have ourselves a show!

Aah, I feel better. I was going to write about my new theory that the amount of trust you ought to put in a person is inversely proportional to that person’s self-righteousness. Which I still stand by. But, have you seen the title of this blog? Besides, righteousness about trivial entertainment is still fun.




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