27 01 2011

Since my last post about the adoption, Marcie and I have gotten serious about it. We are gathering our resources and filling out paperwork. We went to the police station to get our fingerprints taken. With all my recent varied nerdly declararions, I never considered myself a cop show nerd*, but that’s what we were in the police station. Clearing the front desk, walking past holding cells, talking to people through windows…it was absurdly fun.

And they don’t just mash your finger on the card. The technician had us stand in a particular spot, face a certain direction, and relax our hands. Then she does each finger one by one, and four fingers together. If you press your own finger down it can ruin the print. Apparently it’s tricky business getting a good print. Marcie had to do the whole card over again because the ridges on her fingers are so shallow. That would have been nice to know before ruling out a life of crime, but it’s too late now.

*The Shield, The Wire, and Dexter. Definitely not CSI.




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