The New Zodiac: Embrace Transformation!

19 01 2011

I made my own drawing for a change

I enjoy astrology. I don’t believe it has any real bearing on our lives, but I enjoy the symbolism and personalized mythology. Until the latest kerfuffle, I was an Aries. I never thought much about my sign until college, where I met several people who were really into astrology (and tarot cards and past lives and all sorts of stuff.) They often commented on how I was being “such an Aries,” which I went along with at the time, but in hindsight seems really weird because I don’t fit the Aries profile at all. Yes, I am stubborn about some things, I have some strong opinions, but Aries are supposed to want to take charge all the time and have everything their own way. If there’s anything I am the opposite of, it’s the “My way or the highway” principle.

So now I’m a Pisces. When I first looked up my new sign, I was disappointed. The clammy little fish? A ram with the big curly horns is much cooler. Aries is a powerful fire sign, Pisces is a wishy-washy water sign. However ineffective I felt in life, at least I knew I was a hard-charging Aries.

And, according to the chatter, I still am. Nothing has actually changed because Western astrology was always based on the seasons, not the stars. Wait, the seasons?? Then how are they star signs? I knew astrology was flaky, but if it’s not even about the stars then what’s the point?

I really didn’t know anything about Pisces, so I looked it up and found that Pisces are dreamers. Introverted, conflicted, compassionate, unrealistic… I have to admit, it’s me all over. Much more accurate than the ram. The thing I like most about Pisces is the fish are swimming in opposite directions. Coexisting contradictions is a concept near and dear to my heart.

I’ve identified as an Aries for a long time. It never occurred to me that my sign could change. Getting a new sign now feels like the rug’s been pulled away.

I like it.

Big changes are coming down the pike (see three posts ago). It’s the beginning of a new decade. I turn 40 this year. I’m getting a total charge of renewal from this zodiac change. It feels like the perfect time to abandon my illusions, embrace my true nature, and revitalize my relationship with the universe. Keep your tropical zodiac if you must, true believers, but I’m going sidereal all the way.




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20 01 2011

I guess I’m a Gemini now? I think think Cancer makes more sense. And now my husband is on the cusp of Pisces and Aquarius. But our kid is still firmly in the realm of Taurus.

20 01 2011

That’s funny… I’m no expert, but it seems to me the one that least fits is the one that’s most certain (Taurus). But that’s probably just because she’s a kid and whenever I see her she’s pretty squirrelly.

22 01 2011

CLAMMY LITTLE FISH?!?! Why, I outta…

And then a pike pun at the end? Really?

Good for you to enjoy the most elevated of the signs, if even only briefly, dear Aries đŸ˜‰

22 01 2011

The pun was unintentional. Actually I was trying to ignore it. See? Wishy-washy. And I know you’re kidding, but I’ll clarify anyway: “clammy little fish” was just my initial reaction. There are plenty of cool fishy creatures in the sea — hence the drawing. smiley emoticons

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