Harry Potter vs Sam Flynn

6 01 2011

No, it’s not “Who would win in a fight with,” (I’m not THAT big of a nerd!) it’s just two movies I saw in one weekend. (Anyway a better question is Neo vs Tron. And yes I am that giant nerd.)

Harry Potter 7 Part 1 was really good–on par with Harry Potter 6, which is to say leaps and bounds above most of the previous films. Pretty flawless I thought, except maybe for the fact that if you don’t already know who everyone is you’d be totally lost. But if you’re jumping cold into the franchise at number 7, you’re kinda asking for it.

Tron: Legacy had some serious flaws. I won’t say it didn’t live up to the original, because while I still love the imagery and concepts (I still imagine lightcycles and tanks when I ride my bike down the street. Giant. Nerd.) the original is not a great movie either. I enjoyed Legacy’s updated lightcycles, recognizers, and disc arena. Some major plot points made no sense at all, but it was the little things that really turned me off. The costumes were generic and lifeless compared to Moebius’ intricate glow-line patterns. The young Flynn face was a screamingly obvious CGI mask (which actually worked really well for Clu, although I suspect illusory realism was the intention.) And Flynn is not The Dude. Just because Jeff Bridges gained a cult following as Jeff Lebowski doesn’t mean every movie he’s in gets to incorporate that role.

I’d heard that the best things about the movie were the imagery and soundtrack. On the whole I have to say I prefer Daft Punk’s soundtrack. It sounds like classic, old-school synth without being stale. Kind of the inverse of the movie, which is all up-to-date without being relevant.




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