Free Associating on the Health Care Bill

22 03 2010

It appears the health care bill is a done deal. I will postpone celebrating until it clears the Senate, which could be awhile. Even so, now that it has passed the House, a weight has lifted. I feel almost as relieved as I did when Obama was first elected. This is a huge step forward for our country. No doubt the Republicans will make Obama pay for it, but I think this whole debacle will cost them as well.

David E. Sanger writes that the health care bill wrecked Obama’s prospects of being the transformative end of partisan bickering. That may be true, but no one in their right mind can lay the blame for ultrapartisanship anywhere but with the Republicans. They were invited to the table over and over, offered concession after concession, not just on the health care bill but throughout Obama’s term, and during li’l bush’s term as well. They have offered up only a wall of refusal. If one side is committed to nothing but partisanship, it doesn’t matter how diplomatic the other side is; there’s nothing to negotiate. So, yes, Obama’s promise to end partisan bickering will go unfulfilled. On the other hand, fewer people will have their lives wrecked by illness or injury. I’ll take that trade-off any day.

Yes, the bill is flawed. No, it doesn’t go far enough. What it does do is normalize the idea of health care as a government guaranteed right. In a few years, guaranteed health care will be as natural and essential as Social Security. People who could never afford insurance, or who were deemed uninsurable by private companies, will finally start to feel some health security. Then the criers of “dirty socialist” and “communist plot” will be recognized as the fringe whackos that they are.




One response

22 03 2010

Here’s the scenario as I see it:

1) States sue the Federal gov, calling it unconstitutional:

2) Goes all the way to supreme court. Court votes 5 to 4 repealing law.

3) ‘Hilarity’ ensues. Potential death treats to the 5 Supremes are made, but it will be too late.

4) More liberals move to Canada, making it harder to get any new progressive legislation passed.

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