Lost Season 6 Ep 1 (not entirely spoiler-free)

3 02 2010

The finale of season 5 ended with the burning question, “did it work?”

Last night’s episode answered the question in typically unexpected and brilliant fashion.

Also typical and brilliant were the meaty doses of new information that mostly raise new questions. The smoke monster? The temple? Circles of ash? Richard in chains? The spring???

He wants to go home? Where did he come from, how long has he been there, and did Jacob arrive with him?

Last season Bram told Miles “There’s a war coming.” I assumed there would be two factions, one allied with Jacob and one with his adversary. But it’s looking like all the groups we’ve seen have been brought in by Jacob (except the Dharma Initiative, they’re just new age militants in love with their own psychobabble), and Jacob plays them against each other. Smokey just wants it to end. Or at least get away from it all. Seems like Jacob is the one with the more destructive agenda. Which one is really the bad guy? I’m hoping for another unexpected answer.

Also awesome: Terry O’Quinn’s performance. Any actor who can convince you you’re looking at somebody else deserves high praise.




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