Spider-Man 4: No Sam or Tobey

12 01 2010

Apparently Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire have both pulled out of Spider-Man 4. I don’t see this as reason for bewailment. The director did a great job with SM 1 & 2, but 3 was a disaster. (Would it have been better with the Vulture? Anything’s possible I suppose, but  to me, SM 3 just indicated that Raimi doesn’t “get it” after all. And come on, the Vulture? Why not just go with Stilt Man? A Black Cat story line sounds much more interesting.) And Maguire was great–again, 3rd film was painful, but I think that had more to do with the script– but I’m sure he doesn’t want to play Spider-Man for the rest of his life. More power to him.

Changing the cast and crew midway through a movie franchise is nothing new. It’s also not new in comic books. Spider-Man has been written and drawn by hundreds of different people. Why not allow different directors and actors to offer their interpretations? They did it with the Hulk, and what do you know, Ed Norton makes a perfect Bruce Banner. How about giving somebody else a shot at Daredevil?




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