Best Misogi Ever

6 01 2010

This might sound weird, but it was especially cool this year, and I figure I should post something other than rants once in awhile.

Every year my dojo does a misogi practice on New Year’s Day. We drive out to a riverbank, greet the dawn with 1000 sword cuts (using boken, wooden practice swords). Then we get in the water, which is really really cold, and visualize how we want the next year to go.

I’ve done it six or seven times. Last year was the rainiest– we got soaked long before getting in the river. This year, the weather was beautiful. We arrived at our riverside spot just as the rainclouds broke up and faded away. A hawk or eagle was flying around and making noise as we got started. A light sprinkle came and went, and when we were done, a full rainbow spanned the sky.

Coincidence??? Or indication of a better year to come????




One response

7 01 2010

How did you feel about it? That is what matters. I think the answer is obvious. A sign of good things to come. 🙂

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