Appalled, Yes; Shocked, No

9 09 2009

So the latest voyage of the right wing crazyboat is keeping children out of school to protect them from the big bad president’s message of socialist indoctrination, i.e. study hard, stay in school.
I knew this would happen, and you did too, just not what form it would take. It started the instant Obama set foot in the White House. Actually, no, it started the instant the Democratic nomination was solidified. Attacks. Rabid, nonsensical, ad-hoc character assassination. In years past, the MO has been to dig up scandal from the candidate’s past and harp it into the headlines by brute force. Obama has proved better than most at resisting this tactic. In at least one small case, the attack backfired; Obama’s decision to meet the Reverend Wright “scandal” with a brave and clear-eyed discussion of racism is what convinced me to support him.
Thus, the new MO: whip up frenzied opposition to his every move, large and small, and dress it up as populist revolt. This works better against Obama. It requires him to commit to specifics; he can’t move the discussion with big-picture principles. The principle of providing health care without danger of bankruptcy should be enough to motivate Congress, but clearly it isn’t.




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