Playlist Playin

19 08 2009

I can’t imagine anyone will care about this, but I’m blogging it anyway. That’s what blogging’s all about, isn’t it?

Sometime, maybe a year ago, I made a playlist with ten songs for each letter of the alphabet. I only had one song starting with X in my library (They Might Be Giants’ XTC vs Adam Ant) so I included ten songs titled with numbers. After my big hard drive crash, I had to rebuild my music library and all my playlists. Rather than replicate the original Alpha Binghi, as it’s called, I went through the process again, picking my favorite songs that start with each letter and boiling it down to just ten. For the most part it’s the same songs, but not completely.
And now…what changed!

Original Alpha Binghi
Songs: 261
Total number of artists: 79

Top artist: 3 way tie between Legendary Pink Dots, Tangerine Dream, and Skinny Puppy; 14 songs
2nd place: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds; 11 songs
3rd place: Front 242; 10 songs
4th place: The Fixx, Jethro Tull, Sisters of Mercy, They Might Be Giants: 7 songs
5th place: Depeche Mode, Front Line Assembly, Juno Reactor, Marillion, Peter Murphy, Pink Floyd, Rush; 6 songs

tracks 10 minutes and over: 13
tracks 20 minutes and over: 3

tracks from the 2000s: 33
90s: 104
80s: 102
70s: 19
60s: 3

New Alpha Binghi
Songs: 262 (added one X song: Xlao Tshao by QWII Music Arts’ Trust Khoi San Music. I don’t know why I have that.)
total artists: 90

Top Artist: Legendary Pink Dots, 14 songs
2nd place: Tangerine Dream, 13 songs
3rd place: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, 11 songs
4th place: Front 242, 9 songs
5th place: Skinny Puppy, 8 songs
6th place: Peter Murphy, 7 songs

The 5 and 6 song block includes Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Nine Inch Nails, Dead Can Dance, and all the remaining former 5th and above placers, except for Pink Floyd and Jethro Tull (4) and They Might Be Giants (2! the most precipitous drop).

tracks 10 minutes and over: 15
tracks 20 minutes and over: 3

Tracks from the 2000s: 52
90s: 100
80s: 83
70s: 16
60s: 2
10s: 1 (Gustav Holst’s Mars, the Bringer of War)




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