Cap’n Billy Buckstar XB-19

10 08 2009

billySmallThis is my latest 24 hour comic, completed Aug. 1-2. I missed two sessions this spring (both at Cosmic Monkey Comics if memory serves) so I decided to do one at my house the weekend that Marcie was in DC. By the time I committed to the date, only the estimable Adrian Wallace was able to join me.

I’m quite happy with this one. At 26 pages it is my longest 24 hour comic. It’s also probably the tightest story, with early random elements coming back around to significance later on. Marcie’s comment (after “You’re messed up!”) was that it’s less esoteric than my previous efforts, which suggests that I was able to make the narrative-driving gag structure more readily apparent, and that less explanation is required here.

A little explanation nonetheless: as usual I started with my favorite random story seed generator, and got a robot-cowboy-spaceman-pirate as a character (traditional pub was the place, overclocked kitchen appliance was the object). I built the whole story on the overloaded nature of Cap’n Billy’s identity.

I’ve said before that these manic, surreal funnies tend to produce my purest form of self expression. Now, with a few days distance, I can see what Billy Buckstar has to tell me about my own overclocked self. (I’m a cartoonist! No, an animator! No, a writer! But what I really want to do is direct!)




2 responses

10 08 2009

I’m going to read the story now, but first, my random seed:

Your character is: a bikini-clad girl

Your object is: leather

Your setting is: the tundra


10 08 2009

Nice story Neal! Just wrapped it up!

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