“Lost” Season 5

18 05 2009

I haven’t blogged about Lost since discovering Jeff Jensen’s staff-of-researcher-fueled hyper-recaps, but why should the professional journalists have the only say???
Naturally, here be spoilers. If you aren’t caught up on Lost, why would you read this?

There’s no way the plane isn’t going to crash. If Jack’s effort to rewrite history succeeds, he won’t have any reason (or means) to go back and rewrite history. That’s just elementary time-travel fiction. Lost has worked too hard to maintain an intricate and solid internal logic to throw it all away on a scrap of pseudo-science about humans being the variable. Plus, as Marcie points out, erasing the plane crash would wipe out 5 year’s worth of character development and relationships, and they have to know the audience wouldn’t take kindly to that.
Miles gave them the out. The bomb is the incident. Oedipus fulfills his own doom. The explosion will send everyone back to their proper time and season 6 will pick up with phony-Locke and Ben and freshly stabbed Jacob (another line of narrative that won’t happen if history gets rewritten. No way.) That’s my prediction.

The fact that Bill (that’s the name Marcie and I have given to Jacob’s “do you know how much I want to kill you” companion, for convenience sake) was able to animate Locke started me thinking, maybe Bill’s been animating every dead person we’ve seen come back. Christian, Charlie, Claire, Alex, Horace, etc. Well, maybe not EVERY dead person. John Locke has actually come back from the dead at least once. Jacob revived him after his fall out the window. Did he also revive him after Ben shot him?

I don’t have the recall to tease it all out, but it leads me to this notion: Bill has influence over the dead, and Jacob has influence over the living. I keep coming back to this supposed war that’s coming. I keep trying to assign the various factions (Dharmas, Others, Whitmore, Eloise, Shadow-of-the-statuesies, etc) to one side or the other, and it never works. There has to be a ton of motivational and cause-and-effect crossover going on between the different groups. But Jacob and Bill– there’s a manichean pairing up I can get behind. Maybe they represent the forces of life and death? It has a nice cosmic symmetry, but it’s probably not the real secret.

I love this show. I love how after 5 years they’re still raising more questions with each answer given. The story has gotten crazy complicated yet somehow stays buoyant and integrated and believable and enthralling. Can they bring it all together in the final season? The history of television would suggest no. The history of Lost would suggest yes. Maybe that’s who Jacob and Bill really are; smart tv vs dumb tv. Vive la smartesse!




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