Sam Adams

22 01 2009

If you haven’t heard the news about Portland’s mayor; he covered up a past affair with an 18 year old man to get elected. More here.

I’m all for holding our leaders to a uniformly high standard. The affair represents a lapse in judgement, and the cover-up a lapse in integrity. But let’s have some perspective. No laws were broken, no partners were cheated on. There is a big difference between maintaining privacy in your personal life and real corruption. And let’s face it, even here in politically correct Portland, the fallout is worse for a gay man than it would be for a heterosexual. This one cowardly act does not invalidate all the good work Adams has done or will do.

I’m with Steve Duin; hold a recall election in 6 months. Enough with the rushed decisions, let’s deal with this like an electorate.




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