Trailer Trashin’: Watchmen

9 01 2009

I am not a fan of director Zack Snyder. After seeing 300, my opinion of the BOOK went south. That’s some powerful bad moviemaking. So his presence does not inspire confidence in Watchmen. The trailers show a lot of faithful recreations of imagery from the book, but you can’t just transfer the images to the screen and have a good movie. Especially when the source material is as much about being a comic book as it is about comic book characters.

Much of the comic community feels that it’s impossible to translate Watchmen to another medium without losing the whole point, and I’m inclined to agree. But even missing the point, as long as it stays true to the narrative it could easily be one of the two best superhero movies yet made (the other being The Dark Knight).

Watchmen the book gave comics a huge push into growing up. (Superhero comics that is; art comics have always been plenty grown up.) If Watchmen the movie can do the same for superhero movies, it will be a success. Here’s hoping.




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13 01 2009
Adrian J Wallace

I’m not hatin’ on Zack Snyder too much, he’s a capable director with a strong sense of visual flair but rather average in the storytelling department. The big problem with 300 is that it was waay too accurate to Frank Miller’s comic book, and therefore exposed Frank Miller’s limitations as a writer and magnified them about a billion times. Seeing as how Watchmen has had it’s script re-written a bunch of times and the entire project put on hold and handed to different producers over the years suggests it will end up like the other movies that have been adapted from Alan Moore’s comics, like V for Vendetta or From Hell. Entertaining and mildly interesting, but not in the same league as Dark Knight or The Incredibles. Just a guess.

13 01 2009
Adrian J Wallace

whoops, I forgot about The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Too bad, I wish I could forget ever having watched that one. Ick.

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