Best Election Ever

5 11 2008

I am thrilled. I’m ecstatic. I’m elated. But mostly, I’m relieved.
Obama’s election sends all the right signals, means all the right things. People all over the American political map are genuinely proud of the guy and of the country. People all over the world are inspired. I was amazed at the outpourings from far-away countries on World Have Your Say. Does all that stuff about America being a beacon to the world actually mean something?

The fillibuster-proof Democratic senate probably won’t happen, but that’s okay. The congressional majorities should be enough to put an end to legislation born of lunatic right-wing bile. One hopes. Oregon’s senate race and a few others are still undecided. Currently Smith is leading Merkely, but the uncounted counties lean liberal……..

Happily, anti-abortion measures are going down all over the country. Sadly, bans on gay marriage are passing. Bigotry lingers, but the writing is on the wall. The days are numbered. Gay marriage is coming, it’s inevitable, best get used to the idea.

Oregon’s measures worked out better than I would have dared hope. Only one appears to be going the wrong way, an attack on political practices of publicly funded entities peddled by civic parasite Bill Sizemore and bankrolled by poisonous Loren Parks. But the two of them can suck it, because their ridiculous double-majority rule for tax measures got the axe. No longer will apathetic whiners kill measures by not voting, one of the stupidest phenomena democracy has ever seen. “Oh whine whine, a minority of people can rule a tax on the majority,” they whine. Not if the so-called majority who don’t want the tax open their @*% MAIL and pick up a *&%@ PEN and @#!$&! VOTE!!! Honestly people, mail-in ballots, there is just no excuse……

I can’t help ranting, even now, in what will surely be the happiest moment of my lifetime, politically speaking. The Republican reign leaves us with a legacy of unavoidable suffering, and the hysterical right-wing media outlets will blame it all on the ones who are doing their best to fix it in the coming years. But I’m confident life will get better for everyone, including all those libertarians foaming at the mouth over or new “socialist” president. I’m hopeful that we can move forward into a thoughtful and civil national discourse. Obama’s plans fall short of ideal in many places, so it’s up to us to make lots of noise and tell all the Democrats in power that no, they’re not off the hook yet, there is much much more work to do.




One response

5 11 2008
Troy McFarland


You rock the mutha&*^%&!@ Casbah. I have trouble stringing two sentences together let alone coherent ideas. Computers have made me stupid. Keep up the good work.

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