Hour 12

18 10 2008

10 pm, the halfway point, and energy is up. Maybe because the coffee from Backspace arrived an hour ago. Adrian, Kim, and Trillian are on the wall. Vanessa and Daniel are back from excursions. Everyone takes a break to watch Dr. Horrible.





One response

19 10 2008

Over at Cosmic Monkey, we still have the full number of people we started with (plus a late comer who works a day job). It’s just past 12:30 and the energy is good. We just had a small group of onlookers pass through the store. At the halfway mark (10PM), we had 1 artist at 14 pages, 1 at 12, 2 at 11, 1 at 9 pages, 1 at 5, 3 at 4 and a couple still on their 1st page (obviously taking great care in the composition and linework). I guess we have 12 people at the table at this point. We started with 10. I’m not sure what happened, but we’re not going to worry about it.

At midnight, I’ll admit, there was a small amount of whiskey shared among the troops. A couple beers have also been opened. We’re continuously brewing coffee and offering snacks. It is my joy to share this update! I’m not yet delirious, but looking forward to it with anticipation.

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