Interlude; Political Thoughtspew

2 09 2008

My thoughts on the current goings on, in no particular order:

I was pretty happy with the Democratic convention. Hillary spoke well for unity. Barack laid out enough specifics to forever squash the notion that he is too vague, has no real policies, no actual ideas. Not that that fiction will be squashed, the Republicans and Fox News will keep it in the air, but there’s nothing to be done about that. Joe Biden may be prone to gaffes – statistically it’s unavoidable when you’re that long-winded – but he’s got our backs. He’s been one of precious few voices asking hard questions of li’l bush’s court appointees, cabinet appointees, and Iraq policees.

McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin was gutsy, which is what he needs right now. Happily it doesn’t seem to be working out too well for him. Hillary supporters certainly won’t be taken in by her. The religious right can’t be happy with her family saga, and I would imagine they’re uncomfortable with women in high office anyway. Not all of them, not completely, but all we need is ambivalence on the right. If they can’t get excited about their ticket, the passionate lefties ought to carry the day.

I have no doubt that if the election were counted accurately and fairly, Obama would win. However I don’t believe the election will be counted accurately or fairly. Here is where I worry about sounding like a conspiracy nut, but bear with me. I don’t believe there was any huge conspiracy to rig li’l bush into office. What I do believe is that both of his “elections” were so close, it only took a few well-placed nudges by unscrupulous people to tip the results in his favor. That, plus a lack of will among the Donkeys to fight for it, plus a misplaced faith among the general population that America may not be perfect but we certainly wouldn’t be host to unfair elections, gave us the most disastrous president in history. Not for any sinister reasons like world domination or exterminating left-handed athiests, but simply for the outrageous sums of money to be made.

And now, because no one raised a stink about li’l bush’s scam “elections,” the unscrupulous nudgers must be feeling bolder. Bold enough to smear the Democrats with outright lies? Certainly, the Elephants have been doing that for 16 years at least. Bold enough to create misleading polls, painting the race as much closer than it actually is? I can’t imagine why not. Polls are always suspect at best. Bold enough to muddy the waters by suing for recounts and rushing conclusions? Easily. The Elephants have nothing to offer voters this year, but that won’t stop them from fighting for the office with every authoritative, litigating, propagandizing tactic there is. So we either have to elect Obama in a landslide to shut them up, or get ready to fight for a real election like we should have done 8 years ago.




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