Hands Off ANWR, Crybabies

27 06 2008

Yes, gas is expensive. That doesn’t change the facts about the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge. Drilling there would have no effect on gas prices for several years, and then it would only reduce costs by 50 cents a barrel.

Yes, ANWR looks pretty empty much of the time. That’s because animals in the arctic move around a lot. They have to; it’s a harsh and fragile environment up there. The land in the refuge is essential to caribou, polar bears, arctic foxes, and millions of birds. There is no such thing as “small footprint” drilling. An oil operation doesn’t have to take up a lot of space to disrupt one crucial part of the caribou’s life cycle. Like breeding.

The price of gas is not coming down. It will only get higher, and we’d damn well better get used to it. We can rip all the rest out of the ground like a 2 year old with a cookie jar, but we’ll still be left with an empty jar. Why don’t we go learn some more cookie recipes instead?




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