REVENGE! (foam, slobber)

18 06 2008

As you may know, I loathe george w. bush (I’ve adopted Sharon Streeter’s practice of not capitalizing his name) with an irrational passion. Well, not entirely irrational. I mean, the guy did embroil us in an unwinnable war for the sake of his career, or his ego, or his buddies’ wallets, or some damn thing. Not to mention the torture, the sweeping claims to power and privilege, the all out attacks on civil liberties, etc etc.

I know I know, I’m a broken record. The point is, there are a host of legitimate grievances against the bush administration. Even so, I recognize myself as one the mouth-foaming zealots who is viscerally repelled by li’l bush. I want him to pay, I want him to suffer, partly because of the horrendous precedents he would set by waltzing off to Crawford scott free, but partly out of pure tribalism. Slobbering zealotry doesn’t help anything.

I want him to be impeached, tried, convicted, and thrown in jail. (or even better, just thrown in jail without a trial and no way to request one, ha ha.) Impeachment was always a long shot…ok, it was never gonna happen, not remotely. There’s just no justice. If the president is a democrat, he can be witch-hunted for 8 years and impeached amid trumped-up moral outrage from hysterical neocons, but if the president is a republican he can trample our constitution, international law, and human rights with impunity. I want so badly to drag the republican through the mud for a change…but it’s not going to happen. And this morning, a letter to the editor finally convinced me that it’s for the best. Thank you (I guess), Eric H. Carlson.

Repubs of the Clinton administration have turned impeachment into a partisan sideshow, and as richly as li’l bush deserves it, another impeachment at this point will only goad the elephants into all-out war. Obama is going to be fighting the Clinton Memorial Kangaroo Court from day one as it is. We don’t need them snapping at the heels of Nancy Pelosi and every other democratic leader at the same time. Republicans are about to lose the White House and congress; they’ll have nothing better to do than dig up lunatic swift-boat testimony. We cannot play that game with them.

So what’s a mouth-foaming zealot to do? Is there to be no revenge? No comeuppance??

Revenge is for lost souls (thank you, Stephen R. Donaldson). But there will be comeuppance. Not by impeaching republicans, but by electing democrats.

Let this be the moment when the bankrupt neocon agenda falls into ruin. Let the moral and intellectual infants throw their tantrums while we set thing straight. Punish li’l bush and big chainey by booting their entire corrupt culture out of the sphere of influence for good. It will take time, it will take work, it won’t pack the satisfaction of punching a neocon in the mouth. But it will give us a better world.




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