The End of History

3 06 2008

There will never be another Beatles, never be another Picasso, never be another Shakespeare. No one can have such a broad and deep influence anymore. There are too many of us, and we are too fragmented. We are an assortment of self-sustaining subcultures. It’s not a bad thing. Someone can be a superstar to a few hundred thousand fans, and completely unknown to the rest of the world, and live quite well I would imagine. The only ones who everyone has heard of are the meltdowns an the train wrecks. That’s just the pure economics of mainstream media, who can’t afford to delve into every subculture. maybe one day the majority will dry up, and only a set of minorities will be left, and there won’t be mainstream anything. Maybe I’m just rationalizing, having realized I will never be the next Charles Schultz, hence no one can be.




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